Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hampton Bay Remote Control Fan Installation

Hampton Bay remote control fan is not difficult to install at all. You don’t need to be a genius to do it, but you do need to have common sense so you can prevent the possibility of getting into any accident. Remember that instruction manuals are there not to be put aside and eventually forgotten, but to be read. Yes, everything is all in the manual, so make sure to go over each page thoroughly, and not miss a step. The instructions are very easy to understand and very basic, so even if you don’t have technical skills at all, you will not find it difficult to set up your Hampton Bay ceiling fan all by yourself.

To begin the installation of your Hampton Bay remote control fan, first take everything out of the box to make sure that all parts are complete. Then get your tools ready. You will need an electric wire tester and cutter, some screw drivers, and of course, don’t forget the ladder. It helps to have a tool pouch where you can conveniently keep these tools. Before going up, turn off the power of the area where you will be setting up your ceiling fan. Make sure that there are no more live wires by using an electric wire tester. This is absolutely necessary, so don’t just presume that everything is okay.

Once you are certain that the power is completely off, take the mounting bracket and set it up on the electrical box. See to it that it is snapped securely. You must see three wires in three different colors coming out of the ceiling and the ceiling fan. The black, white and green wires should match accordingly. You can now mount the Hampton Bay remote control fan, keeping the wires in place by putting on the decorative base. The fan blades should come next in the installation process. Carefully slide the blades into their respective brackets, making sure that they are locked securely.

Now it’s time to test your ceiling fan. Restore the power and turn on your fan. Look at the blades and see to it that they are well balanced. If not, you may have to buy some weights to balance them out. There also should have minimal vibration while the fan is running, otherwise, that should tell you that something needs to be corrected. See, setting up your own Hampton Bay ceiling fan can be done with ease!

Hampton Bay remote control fan

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