Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hampton Bay Remote Control Fan Install – A Quick Guide To A Successful Installation

Hampton Bay remote control fan install guides are simple and easy to read. Even if you don’t have advanced technical skills, you’ll be able to successfully get your Hampton Bay ceiling fan up and running in no time. One may think that mounting a ceiling fan is a complicated process. Well, there are cases when it is, indeed, but you see, Hampton Bay remote control fans come with fan blades that are easy to assemble and set up, and that makes a huge difference.

Your purchase of Hampton Bay fan comes with a Hampton Bay remote control fan install manual, and this is the very first thing you must look for before beginning the installation process. Read the instructions line by line so that you can already picture out what to do. You will need some essential tools, and it would be wise to keep a tool pouch handy. Next, make sure to turn the power off in the area where you intend to set the ceiling fan up. If there is already a fixture that you need to take down, use an electric circuit tester to be totally sure that there is no live electrical current before removing it.

A mounting bracket is included in the Hampton Bay remote control fan install kit. Take it out and put it on the electrical box, snapping it in place. Now you’re ready to hang your Hampton Bay ceiling fan. Take notice of the wires that come out of the ceiling and from the ceiling fan itself. There are three of them in three different colors – black, white, and green, where black is positive, white is neutral, and green represents the ground wire. The wires from the ceiling and fan should match. Having done that, you can now mount your ceiling fan, following it up with the installation of the base that would cover the wiring and the electrical box.

Once done, slide the fan blades into the bracket of the blade, securely locking it in place. If your ceiling fan comes with a light kit, too, then install it as well, following the step by step guide to the letter. Now it’s time to put the power back on and test if your ceiling fan does work in the way it should. As you can see, you don’t need to hire the services of somebody else just to set up your ceiling fan. So long as you are able to closely follow the instructions, you shouldn’t encounter any problems even if you do it on your own.

Hampton Bay Remote Control Fan

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