Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Problem With Hampton Bay Remote Control Fan

Hampton Bay Remote Control Fan works great – no question about it. Once it is already up and running on your ceiling, you can be almost certain of a great experience. The Hampton Bay Midili model, in particular, is equipped with fan blades that are just the right size. Below the fan hangs a light fixture that gives your room a romantic glow. The problem with the fan, however, is with the installation process. Although the package comes with the materials needed to mount it well, installing the fan can be a bit tricky.

To begin with, assuming that you have already setup the fan blades, which should be a no-hassle task, really, you would then have to lift the Hampton Bay remote control fan up to the mount and hang the rod. Although the process of lifting itself is not really difficult, it can cause quite an inconvenience, considering that you would have to be up on a ladder. You need to have strong arms and a lot of patience in order to successfully install the fan up.

Also, there would be a bit of a problem in getting the parts together since the receiver of the remote control, which is that piece of yellow box, is within the fan’s ceiling trim. In addition, there were no clear instructions on where to put the receiver, although, that isn’t quite hard to figure out. Having done all is needed to be done to install the Hampton Bay remote control fan, the next thing to do is to check if the blades are indeed properly put together. You will have to put the power back on and switch the electric fan on. The blades should be well balanced and there shouldn’t be a lot of vibration as the blades turn. If they’re not, you may have to remove them out again, and re-install.

Should there be any more problems, you can always refer to your trouble shooting manual. However, since the manual does not cover everything, you may as well have to contact your dealer and get the necessary assistance. Or you can just log on to the internet, browse through sites like FixYa and see if there are Hampton Bay technical experts online whom you can refer your problems to. Usually, FixYa runs a small fee for you to get a detailed response of your query. On the other hand, there are forums and communities which serve as excellent virtual environments where you can find expert advice at absolutely no cost to you.

Hampton Bay Remote Control Fan

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