Monday, April 5, 2010

Hampton Bay Remote Control Fan – the Prons and Cons

Hampton Bay remote control fan is a great addition to any room. Besides providing the essential ventilation come summertime, the Midili model comes with a light fixture that brightens up your living room. You’d be pleased to know, too, that the blades of the fan are sized appropriately – not too big that they look imposing nor too small. However, while your purchase comes with a mounting kit, the installation process can cause quite a few problems.

Installing the fan is fairly easy because all is needed to do is to slip the blades through, and you shouldn’t encounter any problem with that at all. The problem is with the mounting of the Hampton Bay remote control fan itself. Actually, it’s not really difficult, but rather just a bit tiresome because you would have to use a ladder and stretch your arms in order to mount the fan well. You’d need to have enough strength so that the fan will not fall out of your hands, and you’d need to have good balance, too, so that you won’t fall off the ladder while putting the fan in place.

Good thing, if the fan would just slip through the mount with ease. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case because the yellow box which holds the remote control receiver is right within the ceiling trim of the Hampton Bay remote control fan. Not only that, the instructions on where you are supposed to install the receiver are not also clear. Assuming that you have already figured it out, though, and the fan now hangs comfortably from your ceiling, you should make sure that the blades are working properly. Ideally, the blades should be at balance with one another.

It’s only normal to see that the fan is vibrating when turned on. However, when the vibration is too much, that should tell you that something has gone wrong. In which case, you must turn the power off, remove the fan blades and try to reinstall the fan. Refer to your user’s manual for solutions to other problems you may experience. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the manual, you can perhaps bring the matter over to the dealer itself. Alternatively, the Web can offer you support, too. You can look for technical assistance from FixYa or other similar sites. Usually, FixYa has Hampton Bay experts online ready to answer your concerns. The service is not free, of course, but then, the small fee gives you a detailed response, anyway.

Hampton Bay remote control fan

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