Thursday, April 8, 2010

Complaint About Hampton Bay Remote Control Fan

Complaint about Hampton Bay remote control fan should be properly addressed, especially when it has something to do with the fan’s remote control. Every so often, you come across home products that you know would make a great addition to your living room, and so you go on purchasing it without giving it a second thought. Then something happens along the way, and you are absolutely clueless on what to do or how to go about it. This is the thing with Hampton Bay fans. No doubt about it the fans are an absolute beauty, and the fact that it comes with a remote control adds to its appeal.

There have been numerous cases wherein the remote control of the Hampton Bay would stop working after only a year. The fan blades and light bulbs are working well, but the thing is, they cannot be turned off anymore because you have to use a remote control in order to do it, and remote is no longer functioning. This is quite frustrating because the fan is supposed to come with a lifetime warranty, and what’s worse is that the warranty card provides no contact or website information where you can make inquiries regarding your Hampton Bay remote control fan.

Dealers of Hampton Bay fans can only tell you to buy a new remote, but then, why would you when there is supposed to be a lifetime warranty, right? Apparently, you may have to contact the company that makes the fans itself, King of Fans. Fortunately, the company can be reached via the number 1-800-330-3267. When calling this number to bring your concern regarding your Hampton Bay remote control fan, be ready with the model number of your fan so the customer representative can readily assist you. Alternatively, you can try looking for Hampton Bay fan technical experts in sites like FixYa, but then there is a fee required before you can get the details of your inquiry. There is another way, though, that you can interact with experts and those who have had the same problem and that is through forum sites.

Although things like this do not happen to each and every customer of Hampton Bay remote control fan, at least when you have to face a similar situation, you will know where to refer your problem. This should spare you all the trouble of searching for the Hampton Bay website, and the heartache when you find out that there is no contact information on the website itself at all. So, in the event that the dealer would tell you to go buy a new remote control for your Hampton Bay fan, explore your other options. There should be a solution to this without you having to make another investment when you absolutely don’t have to.

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